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Village Hall Reports

The Village Hall Annual Report and the minutes of the AGM can be downloaded in PDF format from the Village Hall page.


Posted by Webmaster on Nov 26, 2010

Warden's Rambles - Christmas 2010

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I’d like to start by offering Seasons Greetings to all Capel residents and wish you a peaceful holiday period.

PCSO Stevens and I have been doing a few later shifts this month including Halloween and Firework nights which passed almost without incident. There was a fantastic firework display at the school this year, well done to Adrian and his crew for a great show. We have also attended the royal visit & a blustery Armistice
day at the memorial and have held a bogus caller awareness day at Reece Adams house.

Be Safe be Seen

Capels’ junior road safety officers have held a ‘wear something bright’ day at school as part of Road Safety week highlighting the benefits of fluorescent and reflective clothing.

On that note I have noticed a number of dog walkers and others out and about in the early evening wearing dark clothing. There are many varied items available to keep you and your furry friends safe and highlight your presence to passing motorists. This is especially important areas of the village where there are no footpaths. Please wear /carry something bright, and if on the road walk on the side facing oncoming traffic for the best chance of being seen.
Motorists please take care after dark, and let’s look out for each other on these dark evenings.

Christmas is coming!

It’s not only the man in the Big Red Suit that might like to visit your home without you knowing, so dig out those timer switches to avoid the ‘not at home’ look. Opportunists view ‘open curtains/ no lights’ properties as low risk and presents under the tree can be very lucrative easy pickings, better to separate them and hide them around the house.

After Christmas, packaging left outside the house can tell those interested what new items may be inside so be careful not to advertise whilst disposing of it.


N-Power, Unilever and Talk Talk are among the many companies sponsoring a survey that is to be sent out by TNT. They request you fill in a questionnaire detailing your personal information and to leave it on your doorstep in an unsealed bag for collection the following day.

The Information Commissioners office has said that;

“These surveys usually require people to provide a large amount of personal information – ranging from whether they have any outstanding medical conditions, to details of their household income. Anyone approached to fill in one of these surveys should think twice before leaving information like this on their doorstep. They should be aware that anyone could potentially pick it up, opening the way to identity theft. People completing these forms should also understand who will have access to their information and what it will be used for.”

h. KCC Services

Kent County council are asking your opinion on the services you value (including community wardens) if you wish to contribute you can go to or look out for Dover councils ‘@ your service’ magazine.


Please report anything suspicious to myself and/or the local police as soon as possible together with any times, descriptions and/or vehicle details if possible. Please note non-urgent Police numbers have changed, there are no longer general numbers for local stations, all calls now go through Force control Maidstone.

Paul James – Kent Community Warden 07977 981994

Gretel Stevens – Police Community Support Officer 07772 226209

Neighbourhood Watch 01304 218152

Police non-urgent 01622 690690

For an emergency service immediate response 999

Gretel & I are looking forward to the Christmas light displays and the village Carol service on the 12th.

Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to All.


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Posted by Webmaster on Nov 21, 2010