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Important message from Trading Standards Kent

Residents in the Folkestone area are advised to be cautious of a man seen cold-calling at homes, offering to sell a security alarm, which fits to the back of an exterior door. The man reported has been quite verbally forceful in his approach, and has asked to be allowed entry to homes to fit the alarm. A description of the man is :

Around 45 years old, thick set, 5 feet 7 to 8, wearing black, black canvas shoulder bag, sandy hair colour, local accent.

You should not allow someone to enter your home without first checking their identity is correct, if necessary by telephoning their employer. Any legitimate business should be happy for you to do this, their staff will carry proper identification, and will allow you ask them to return at a later date. Always use a door chain when answering to an unknown caller, and do not accept any goods or services that you do not require. Note that any goods or services priced at £35 or higher require a cancellation notice to be issued allowing you seven days within which to change your mind and cancel the contract.

If you or someone you know receives a visit from a trader in this manner, please report it to Consumer Direct on 08454 040506, and if concerned about your security, please also inform Kent Police on 01622 690690.


Posted by Webmaster on Dec 10, 2009